Ennakkoilmoittautuminen aukeaa 28.7.2024Pre-register starts on 28.7.2024


3 separate arenas

23 x 9 m competition arena
21 x 7 m warm-up
13 x 7 m free-riding

900 m² venue

Spectators have benches on the side of the competition field
Adult park
Toilets, disabled toilet and changing rooms

Two top sellers

who sell hobbyhorses, equipment, etc.

as well as the new Virtual Sales Place #ecpcrbmyynti2024

The event venue is 900 m² sports hall of the Keravanjoki school, which is located in Kerava, Finland.

Kerava’s train station is located within walking distance (800 m) from the Keravanjoki multipurpose building, where trains from Lahti (Z), Helsinki (K), Riihimäki (R) and several long-distance trains arrive.

Inside the hall there are two changing rooms, both of which have toilets. Disabled toilets can be found in the organizers’ dressing room if necessary.

There is a door code at the entrance of the venue, which will be sent on Friday 13 September with more detailed instructions in the competition letter. If you are coming as a visitor, read more here. You can’t enter the hall with outdoor shoes.

Free parking spaces can be found as shown in the picture at Jurvalantie P1. If the Jurvalantie parking lots are full, you can leave your car in the Ahjontie P2 parking lot or along side Jurvalantie.

Google Maps instructions for the venue: