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Wonderful hobbyhorse sellers are found at their sellers tables on the day of the competition, offering their high-quality handmade hobbyhorses and equipment.

Table number


Maikken, who has become a legend in making hobbyhorses, is a familiar person behind the sellers desks in competitions who makes sale & order horses. With decades of experience, Maikken offers unique hobbyhorses and equipment.

Table number


Susa’s impressive handprint can be seen on her sellers desk on the day of the event. Our second seller, known for her high-quality hobbyhorses and equipment, offers a comprehensive selection of products to impress visitors.

The demand for sellers in last year’s competitions was so small compared to the supply that, unfortunately, sellers will not be accepted separately this time through an open form. However, we want to offer a different solution:

Virtual Sellers Table Uusi

How do I buy sale items?

How do I become a seller?

Seller table information

  • The price of the seller table is €10
  • Seller table size 180 x 70 cm: includes two chairs, tablecloth, table number and name plate
  • Seller space 2 x 2 m
  • Sellers have their own dressing room and toilets
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