Ennakkoilmoittautuminen aukeaa 28.7.2024Pre-register starts on 28.7.2024


9:50 AM

Opening speech

In the opening speech, visitors and competitors are welcomed and the day’s schedule is explained.

10:00 AM

Junior Dressage

Come and support the performance of the Juniors in the new dressage class.

11:00 AM

Freestyle Grand Prix Indoor Masters

High-level dressage competitors compete with each other with a Grand Prix-level program accompanied by music.

1:00 PM

Working Equitation

As expected, the senior class will continue when the special track returns to the arena.

2:00 PM

Indoor Cross Country 50 cm

Speed ​​and fixed obstacles as the competition arena turns into a popular cross country obstacle course.

3:15 PM

80 cm Combination

The obstacle course, which mostly consists of double fences, is one of the attractions of this special class.

4:30 PM

100 cm Indoor Masters

The last class of the day, which challenges the competitors with its demanding obstacle course.

10 AM to 5:30 PM

Official halter show

Go and admire the official exhibitions and see how adorable stick horses you can find around the corner.

10:30 AM

To-do list

Already familiar from previous competitions, the to-do list, returns with new tasks. Go get yourself a to-do list from the Eat & Drink table.

12:15 AM to 2:00 PM

Pena's fan meet

The legend Pena himself steps among the fans to hand out autographs and take photos.