Ennakkoilmoittautuminen aukeaa 28.7.2024Pre-register starts on 28.7.2024

Information package

Coming from abroad to compete? Don’t worry, we have a summary of the competitions information on this page.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located about 40 minutes by train from the venue. You can get directly to the venue from the airport by two different trains, read more information on the venue-page.

We recommend staying at Tikkurila, Vantaa near the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport as it is only 40 minutes away by train. Shopping centre Jumbo and Flamingo has activities, shops and restaurants to spend your freetime. Read more here.

Pre-registration is open 28.7.2024 to 4.8.2024. As international competitor you will have a better chance to compete as there will be 1-5 reserved places for international competitors.

If on pre-registration there is more than 1-5 competitors registered, the start spots will be drawn.

Start lists are announced on 6.8.2024.

Registration continues normally on 6.8.2024 as competitors are added to the end of the start or alternative list.

You can register here.

Program and the schedule can be found here.

When doors open etc. information will be on the competition letter that will be sent to you on 13.9.2024.

Classes can be found here.

International competitors can’t attend Class number 6. official halt show.

Visitors don’t need to pay any fee. More information here.

We have two sellers and a virtual sellers place. Check them out here.

When arriving at the venue, go here to sign up so we know you have arrived.

Eat & Drink table has refreshments and food of many kind. Water is free and drinkable from the tap.

Questions? Please contact us info@ecpcrb.fi or go to Home-page Frequently asked questions.