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About us

ECP & CRB has been in the world of hobbyhorses longer than you might think. Read information and background about the organizers and previous competitions.

Erika H. @khteclipse

24-year-old official show jumping judge and course plan master from Lahti. Experience can be found in judging for 12 years, and in hobbyhorses as a hobby for 14 years.

Sofia B. @khtcaribia

22-year-old official show jumping judge and veteran presenter from Helsinki. Experience can be found in judging for 11 years, and in hobbyhorses as a hobby for 14 years.



Our story begins 11 years ago – surprisingly, from hobbyhorse competition. Erika and Sofia had come to the same place, without knowing each other and, of course, to compete for class rankings. The duo won awards in different classes, so a discussion inevitably arose during the award ceremony.


Gradually, the origin of the name begins to emerge. Before the ECP & CRB competitions, however, one edition of Keppihevostalli Eclipse’s and Caribia’s competitions were organized in 2013, as well as a few Keppihevostalli Eclipse’s competitions in previous years. The duo traveled around Uusimaa to competitions, gathering rankings and experience in competitions.


We realized that Eclipse and Caribia abbreviations of the hobbyhorse stables sounded good together. This is how the name ECP & CRB and the first competitions ECP & CRB Knockout were born. Hobbyhorse competitions had now became a permanent part of the organizers’ lives, so organizing them felt natural for both.


Eventing revolutionized the hobbyhorse world when Erika and Sofia decided to organize the first ECP & CRB Eventing competitions. The competitions were a success: Erika and Sofia had found a sport they liked and wanted to organize more eventing competitions from enthusiasts to enthusiasts.


The second ECP & CRB Eventing competitions were organized with great popularity. In the same year, ECP & CRB Show Jumping competitions were organized and for the first time ECP & CRB judged Finnish Hobbyhorse Championship’s show jumping classes.

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The third and last eventing competitions with the old brand look. Regrettably – ECP & CRB stopped organizing competitions and announced this in the summer after the competitions. The reason was the lack of time and interest of both organizers to continue the competitions.

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2018, 2019, and 2022 were run in Finnish Hobbyhorse Championship’s, running the show jumping team and in the RW Challenge. Helping and judging competitions started to pay off and Erika asked Sofia a question: what if ECP & CRB came back? In November 2022, excited again about competitions, Erika and Sofia started planning a new event in secret.


Return of ECP & CRB was released on February 22 as a surprise. ECP & CRB wants to revolutionize hobbyhorse competitions again, offering quality competitions from hobbyists to hobbyists and moving towards new levels in hobbyhorse world. The venue had to be in the Helsinki region and close to public transport. Keravanjoen Monitoimitalo’s hall offers a comprehensive setting for both, as well as a large venue for a larger audience.

We like to keep the old ECP & CRB with us and haven’t forgotten eventing forever. That’s why we offer all three classes of eventing in our renewed competitions. Maybe even in the future we will organize whole eventing competitions again? Time will tell.