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Competitions in a nutshell

ECP & CRB Indoor Masters 23.9.2023

The first ECP & CRB competition after a six-year break blew up the hobbyhorse world with its return. Popularity of the competitions started with the publication of the competitions and there were already a whopping 92 participants in the pre-registration. Most of the visitors came from Finland, but there was also interest in the competitions from abroad!


INDOOR MASTER 2023-titles

Main classes winners

Class 1. Freestyle Grand Pix Indoor Master

with horse W Miss Fortune


Class 5. 100 cm Indoor Master

with horse Ra.Ra Simolién

Class rankings

Class 1. Freestyle Grand Prix Indoor Master

1. Alisa A – W Miss Fortune
2. Tuuli L. – IKT Flight Of The Silverbird
3. Erin S – Rock from lightning
4. Annu K – Sukhoi’s Felon
5. Janski – Ra.Ra Nemesiano
6. Allu – CRE Bazidas

Class 2. Working Equitation

All participants awarded

Class 3. 60 cm Small

1. Helmi – Ra.Ra Simolién
2. Dakota – Punktur Frá Mekkala
3. Lotta J. – KV Hildegard
4. Jessi L. – KV Dead But Pretty
5. Isabell S. – HLS Silver Sea
6. Ada F. – Vaaran Charmantino

Class 4. 80 cm Combination

1. Emma R. – DL Never let them know your next move
2. Dakota – VS Nebula Lullaby
3. Nara – CLE Even Satan Used to Be an Angel
4. Lotta J.- KV Hildegard
5. Jessi L.- KV Silent Crying
6. Roosa – KM koulukunnan karvaton korvamato

Class 5. 100 cm Indoor Master

1. Helmi – Ra.Ra Simolién
2. Nara – CLE Even Satan Used to Be an Angel
3. Roosa M. – KM koulukunnan karvaton korvamato
4. Ronja H. – VLM Dance Like Crazy
5. Lotta J.- KV Hildegard
6. Lilja K. – Mekkalan Megatron

Class 6. 50 cm Indoor Cross Country

1. Helmi – Ra.Ra Simolién
2. Nara – CLE Even Satan Used to Be an Angel
3. Lilja K. – Mekkalan Megatron
4. Vekku – CLE Bassline Junkie
5. Dakota – VS Nebula Lullaby
6. Jessi L. – KV Dead But Pretty

Class 7a. Official halt show: selfmade

1. Solku – Solku’s Photophobic
2. Maikken – Ra.Ra Knoutberry
3. Dakota – BØ Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss

Class 7b. Official halt show: made by others

1. Vekku – CLE Waterloo
2. Isabell S. – KV Light Loyalty
3. Onni – VE Solar Front


The photos were taken by @okrastudio.s, who was the official photographer this year.

Other galleries

Honorable mentions

The promise of the future x2
Potential rose sharks of future courses chosen by the judges:
competitors Vanessa Sunnarborg & Sissi Heimonen

BIS 1.
Chosen by the official halt show judge Best In Show 1:
competitor’s Solku horse Solku’s Photophobic

BIS 2.
Chosen by the official halt show judge Best In Show 2:
competitor’s Vekku horse CLE Waterloo

The Chosen One
The one who drank (water) from the cup during Working Equitation:
competitor Nea with horse Done

ECP & CRB Indoor Masters 23.9.2023

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Feedback left by visitors about competitions

Tough competitors, high-quality obstacle equipment, relaxed atmosphere and great prizes

You could also conveniently follow the competition from the seller's point of view! There were also plenty of benches for others and the space was well organized. Besides, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The atmosphere, as well as the encouragement, was great! There was a safe and welcoming feeling at the competitions.

Well-organized competitions, nice facilities, good judges, atmosphere. affordable class fee, great prizes and nice classes

This was

Kerava 23.9.2023
1st edition


Thank you

Krisse, Jonna, Osku, Livea, Julia, Sonja, Marja, Antti, Elli, Silja, Alisa and others